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The new standard for animal tourism

Life’s better with animals – and now there’s a new way to meet them with local hosts who care for their welfare. Every experience must follow World Animal Protection guidelines, so you can connect with a clear conscience.

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Fieldstone Trails - Vineyard horse ride
From Price:£74/person
Playtime With Fainting Goats
From Price:£11/person
Use Mind & Body To Ride Unusual Horses
From Price:£15/person
Goat Snuggles at a 1700s Plantation
From Price:£22/person
Nature Walks with Llamas
From Price:£37/person
Smell like a goat! Farm Experience.
From Price:£9/person
Sunset cruise on Onancock Creek
From Price:£19/person
Beekeeping Experience- Day in the Apiary
From Price:£48/person
Take Friendly Fainting Goats For A Scenic Hike
From Price:£11/person
Farm Animal Interaction Experience
From Price:£8/person

Featured animal experiences

Book activities led by local hosts on your next trip
United Kingdom
Groom and walk miniature ponies
From Price:£45/person
United States
Honey Bee Therapy
From Price:£30/person
United States
Let’s Goat Hike
From Price:£66/person
United States
Inside Look with Dolphins
From Price:£63/person
United States
Hike Runyon Canyon with a rescue dog
From Price:£18/person
United States
Play with Rescued Horses
From Price:£37/person
United States
Llama/Alpaca Hike and Farm Experience
From Price:£33/person

In partnership with The Dodo

Curated experiences from the leading brand for animal storytelling
United States
Picnic with Pickles the Pig
From Price:£110/person
United States
Adventuring with Penni the Dog
From Price:£55/person