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Turtle Lake

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December 4, 2019
Turtle Lake today used to be the center of ancient Saigon Gia Dinh, long time ago. Before the year 1975, the South Vietnam government of President Nguyen Van Thieu decided to build Turtle Lake in 1967. There are many different mysterious stories about his decision. However, all of them have some…
September 7, 2019
you can find all local street food in here, and It's really near famous-place of SG (SG post office, ...) after visiting all places, this place will be a rest stop before enjoying SG night life.
August 21, 2019
Located at the middle of Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Turtle Lake is a traffic roundabout of Pham Ngoc Thach Street with Tran Cao Van and Vo Van Tan Street. Turtle Lake attracts the tourists not only its location on the main street in the center of Saigon, but also its unique combination between Eastern…
August 14, 2019
this is unique design from French Colonial architecture.
Minh Trang
Minh Trang
March 21, 2019
teenagers' favorite spot with all kind of street food. Do check out "banh trung nuong" and 'banh trang nuong"

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