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Historic Site

Hotel Torre del Reloj

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April 14, 2018
can't miss El Centro de Cartagena
April 03, 2018
Best entrance to the old city scene!
December 08, 2015
Central spot just across the park, a short walk away, on the Camellon de los Martires. The best entrance to the Walled City.
December 08, 2014
Nice place to walk during the day!!!
August 30, 2019
Es una entrada emblematica al Centro Histórico de la ciudas. Era la puerta al fuerte español. Allí se encuentran coches para recorrer la ciudad. Está el portal de los dulces. Discotecas, restaurantes. Muy cerca está la Alcaldía de Cartagena y la Plaza de la Aduana.

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History Museum
“A mi concepto es el mejor museo. muestra toda la babrbarie que se vivio en la epoca. Indigenas torturados para convertirlos en catolicos. To my concept it is the best museum. shows all the babrbarie that lived at the time. Indigenous people tortured to convert them into Catholics.”
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Shopping Centre
“here you find all...clothes, atms, food etc... big jumbo supermercado with all even european food....”
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History Museum
“A collection of pre-Columbian (as in pre Christopher Columbus) artifacts that will give you more insight as to the country ‘s History. ”
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“From here you can buy the tickets to the day trips to the best beaches, Islas del Rosario, Barú and more. Be careful because a ton of people are out to take to take advantage of the tourists.”
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“Like the name says it, this is the place where the ships that were coming to Cartagena were going through the customs. Pretty plaza with some nice architecture (mayor of the city sits on this plaza) and Christopher Columbus monument. Also, you will find a tourist information office here. They were very helpful and recommended a free tour of Cartagena.”
  • 6 locals recommend
Cartagena, Bolívar 130001
Phone+57 301 2588930