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Elding Whale Watching

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About this place
On board this “floating museum” we offer information about whales, birds, marine life and the research projects. Deep inside the hull of the ship, below the ocean’s waterline, you can enjoy videos of whales and see a whale’s skeleton, baleen plates and more while hearing the whales’ songs echo.
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Tips from locals

September 27, 2017
Mixed results with the bigger whales, but it´s pretty likely that you´ll see dolphins. (A negative person would recommend that you find a car tyre, submerge it in a bath and let it go once every 15 minutes with same results.) But on these tours, even if nothing is spotted, you´ll see the…
June 06, 2018
Whale Watching tours
December 24, 2017
Wonderful whale watching boat trip, hope you get lucky!
April 27, 2018
life whale watching sea tours
September 27, 2018
Their whale watching tours are focused mainly on the southern part of Faxaflói bay, just off Reykjavík. Each day we scan the area for signs of whales as they never know for sure where we might find them. Sometimes we have to go far while at other times the whales are quite close to the shore. On…

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5 AEgisgardur
Vesturbær, 101
Phone+354 519 5000
Hours of Operation statusClosed · Opens 8:00 AM