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O Noir

28 locals recommend · Estimated price 2 out of 4 ·
About this place
Since the opening of Canada’s only “Dine in the Dark” restaurants under the same name ONOIR but operated separately in Montreal and Toronto (2009), ONOIR has constantly brought an extraordinary culinary adventure to guests from near and far. Already the rage in Europe, Australia, and US cities like Los Angeles and New York, ONOIR Toronto invites guests to experience food, drinks, and conversation as never before – without the use of sight! “It’s a sensual dining experience like no other!” described by many ONOIR guests, “When you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food. Even everyday dishes like potatoes and yogurt take on a culinary flare.” But ONOIR does more than just stimulate the senses. After an hour or two in complete darkness (no flashlights, cell phones, matches, cigarette lighters, or luminous watches), customers gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be blind – just like the restaurant’s team of wait staff consisting entirely of the visually-impaired. This socially conscious concept originated from Jorge Spielmann, a blind pastor in Zurich who would blindfold his dinner guests so they could share his eating experience. In 1999, Spielmann opened Blindekuh (German for “blind cow”), a project aimed at teaching the sighted about the sightless world, and providing jobs for the visually impaired. When ONOIR Toronto, the largest restaurant of this kind in the world, opened its doors to serve the public in the summer of 2009, it instantaneously created a buzz in the food service sector in the city and beyond, due to its unique service model and commitment to a social cause. O.NOIR offers everything you’d expect from a fine restaurant: great service, a delicious menu…, and on top of all this, a culinary experience like no other! You will be served by a member of our visually-impaired wait staff, and you will be pleased by the efficient, professional, and friendly guidance provided by our capable server. Come dine with us for great service, a delicious meal, and a culinary experience like no other!

Tips from locals

July 17, 2019
Must you see your food to eat it? Try eating in complete darkness!!! The servers are blind so they maneuver through the restaurant effortlessly.
November 16, 2018
Served completely in the dark, this is a restaurant to experience.
June 03, 2018
“Dine in the Dark” restaurant
November 23, 2017
Unique dining in the dark experience like no other. The dining room is pitch dark so let your other senses come to play. This place is more for the experience than the food. Check Groupon for deals
September 09, 2017
Test your senses by enjoying a delicious meal in complete darkness

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620 Church St
Old Toronto, ON M4Y 2G2
Hours of Operation statusClosed · Opens 6:30 PM
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