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I shower naked. HOW NAUGHTY OF ME., Blaa, Hanging Out, Discovering Awesome Bands, Making Wierd Faces, Going Out to the Movies, Hello Kitty, Music, Summer, Baking, Technologyy, Meeting New People, Jonny Craig, Christopher Lawrence (Official Page), Love Via Dance Machine, Bass Drops You Can Feel, The Nightlife, La Dispute, Dance Gavin Dance, Next Time We Talk, Eternal 21st, Owl City, BRING ME THE HORIZON, Enter Shikari, AFI, Ten Bears, Tweak, Stranger than Fiction, Rent, Edward Scissorhands, AWWWW, YOU GUYS MADE ME INK!!!, Dear John, Where the Wild Things Are, Superbad, Official - [adult swim], Americas Next Top Model, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Join if your remember the "Woogidie, Woogidie, Woogidie" from Rocket Power, Spongebob's face when he figured out Squidward likes Krabby Patties., My Life As Liz, Jersey Shore, Project Runway, Red vs. Blue, Family Guy, Bones, Fringe, House, SolarFest, Not listening to Nickelback, POOP - People Order Our Patties, Cristiano Ronaldo, Argyle Central, BBC Radio 1, Move out of the way children I've been waiting 11 years to see Toy Story 3..., Your tan looks great ... LOL JK, Willy Wonka wants you to get back to work., zOMG!, Eyes Wide Shutter Photography, When you see a kid on a leash, Join if this picture ruined the lion king for you, yay! ya snowday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay........................now im bored :(, I don't want anyone else to realize how amazing you are., I'm so tired but I want to stay up and talk to you :D, That "who can clap last" competition after big applauses, Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to ME., No. Your Wrong. So just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong., i would love to see you actually say that to my face, Loving a band no one knows, and dying inside when they become popular., i hate when you look in your closet for clothes and find narnia instead, DENTIST! STOP TALKING TO ME, I CANT TALK! YOUR HAND IS IN MY MOUTH!!!!, If your boyfriend/girlfriend only knew the things you text me, Conversations With Your Best Friend That Would be Awkward with Anyone Else., "No, they can't come over, this house is a mess!" "Mom, They Dont Care...", snape, snape, severus snape.....DUMBLEDOREEEEEEEEEEEE!, Waking up at 3 A.M. and drinking an entire water bottle, Or you can ignore me... That's cool., Saying YOUR WELCOME really loudly when people dont thank you, I love when teachers totally diss annoying students, "Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy... WHAT!!... hi!, it's ok pluto, im not a planet either., i STILL didnt hear what you said, but im gonna smile, nod and laugh anyway, I do things for you i wouldnt do for anyone else, and you dont even realize, Hate It When People Start Interfering In Your Relationship, That special girl or guy that brightens your day no matter what :), I Tend To Start Every Text With "Haha" For No Apparent Reason, After Monday & Tuesday even the Calender says W T F..., My best friend and I love each other so much that people think we're gay., 63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status, You Only Live Once, Name Generators, Alan from "The Hangover", I Use My Cell Phone To See In The Dark, Funnel Cake, F My Life, I hate Valentines Day, Last Day of School, Dane Cook, FML, uTorrent, Megan Fox, happy tree friends, Dr. House, Pet Society, Michael Phelps, Honesty Box, epic sketchiness., 3 Words to Get A Girl? "I Love You". 3 Words to Get A Guy? "I play COD", "They're", "Their", and "There" have 3 distinct meanings. Learn Them., When only 3 people pass your test, that says something about your teaching., Petition to get a Sonics built in the (518) Area, Join if the new 'Become a fan to see the picture' pages are pissing you off, i hope you die in a fire, The extreme change in your happiness level when it gets warm in the spring, Looking around at people in your school nd thinking, "wow i hate everyone", Getting a text as soon as you pick up your phone and feeling like Jesus, "Can I get a 5$ footlong?" "Yes that will be 7.50$" "what the hell?", Oh I got a text!! I hope its from........ oh my god leave me alone!, Fighting the urge to put a sarcastic comment on someone else's status, I HATE WHEN MY PARENTS ASK WHO IM TEXTING., The UA Pride Alliance, if it looks like a triangle it's a triangle WHY DO WE HAVE TO PROVE IT?, Join if you want a pet dinosaur(:, Trying To Tell My Parents A Funny Story ... And It Turns Into A Life Lesson, the deep conversations before going to bed at sleepovers, Why are you sleeping in class? maybe because i wake up at 6 AM to come here, Meowing back at a cat when it meows at you, COMING HOME HAPPY THEN YOUR PARENTS RUIN IT BY YELLING AT YOU, The question was easy until I read "explain why", "Shitload" is a Standardized Unit of Measurement, Bella: I know what you are. Edward: Say it. Bella: Gay., I decide whether or not I'm going to class by flipping a coin., Dropping Something, Then Catching It In Mid-Air And Feeling Like A ninja!, I hate those awkward moments when your friends parents are yelling at them., HAHA do you remember when...? Oh, that wasnt you., Oh your mad at me for doing that, but if you did It it would be okay.., For every situation, there's a suitable line from a song., At your age, I knew Shia Labeouf from "Even Stevens", NOT "Transformers"., reaching the point where harmless procrastination meets "oh god im screwed", When I see a typo I look at the keyboard to see if the two keys were close, "dammit im mad" backwards is "dammit im mad" OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIT., "It seemed like a good idea at the time", Having the urge to laugh while your parents are yelling at you., Third grade lied, i never use cursive., I Yell At Video Games When I Die., Yes, i do dance around my room in my underwear :), I grew up calling it "DUCK TAPE" not "DUCT TAPE" =), i thought tht test was really easy........ till i saw my grade, I was blown away when i realised the word ' OK ' is a side ways person., THE JERSEY FIST PUMP, Guido Fist Pump, "I love you" doesn't mean the same thing as "ily", hates it when you think of a comeback AFTER the argument :@, The kid who always yells in the middle of class, "OMG IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!", I HATE WHEN PEOPLE CHANGE BECAUSE OF THIER BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND, the good old days of catdog, angry beavers, doug, rugrats, and hey arnold, Saying the entire alphabet because you cant remember what letter comes next, Making eye contact with attractive strangers ;D, Awkwardly turning around realizing you went the wrong way in the hall way., Watching Youself on the Monitor When You Walk Into the Grocery Store, I change my date on homework so it looks like i did it earlier, You Dont Move after screaming, "Im Coming" when Your parents call you., I Knew That Song Before It Was Popular, FREE THE LEASHED KIDS, Lying To Small Children, I Bet I Can Find (phone number hidden) People Who Believe In Gay Rights, Pretending to Text in Awkward Situations, Random laughter when remembering something, I Hate "Battery Low", Screaming at Random People as You Drive By, Sour Gummy Worms, Hanging out at the pool, Gay Marriage for New York, Pelvic Thrusting, PAC-MAN, Saratoga Springs, NY, Young Life, Younglife, SUNY New Paltz, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), I change into sweatpants as soon as I get home., talk to you all night, die from lack of sleep next day..worth every minute, god, i hate school, hate teachers, and hate edline, being sarcastic when your pissed off, You instantly piss me off when I see you., Looking Down At Your Cell Phone To Avoid Someone Walking By, Hey headphone wanna not fall out of my ear, Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand inside your tube of deliciousness., Why do pretty girls think they're ugly and ugly girls think they're pretty?, The extremely awkward moment when an ugly person calls themselves ugly, "Where are you from?" "New york" "NYC?!" "NO! small town... forget it..", Accidently start to write 09, but only write 0, then squeeze 1 before it, Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed in the whole USA., 5% battery left and you run like a ninja to get your charger !, The ten seconds of confusion after a nap., If I could punch you without getting in trouble, beleive me, i would, iPOD, iPhone, iTouch..iPAD..what's next? iTampon?, When i was your age i lost a tooth, Not my virginty.., That 1 song on your ipod that plays real loud & scares the crap out of you, 1 friend request, 0 mutual friends, WTH?! how did you find me?!, Sooo = I don't know what to say but I don't want to stop talking to you., Your my bestfriend because i wouldnt dare to be this weird with anyone else, I hate when I get cut off and forget what I was saying, Pointing out things I would of done differently if I was in the Scary movie, Circus Cafe, i see your name pop up on my phone and i smile :), 'wanna do an all nighter?' 'ok yeah' ....'u still up?' 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz', I hate when people sit in front of you at movies & take away your foot rest, "Do it, you won't.", i'm so glad no one can read my mind..., My bed is so possessive. Every morning it does not want me to leave..., my mind races when someone says "can i ask you a question?", When I'm home alone and I hear a noise, I suddenly go ninja, I stick my leg out of my covers when its hot, but then I feel unprotected., When in Doubt.. Google That Sh!t, The Wrightnows, Every Single Line Alan says in The Hangover, And He Was A Ra-Tard, It Didn't Sound That Stupid In My Head..., Realizing you borrowed the pen you're sticking in your mouth, I like how you said you would never do that, but then you do it., OMG this is the most DISGUSTING thing I've ever tasted... here, try it., "Mom, make me some food?" "Get it yourself." "Nevermind, I'm not hungry.", Givin your friend a certain look and they undertsand what u mean.... :), I BET NEW YORK CAN GET 1 MILLION FANS BEFORE ANY OTHER STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, when i turn off the lights downstars i RUN LIKE HELL, Trying To Hint Something Out To Someone But The Idiot Doesn't Get It, aww:)...now how many other girls are you saying this too? jerk., If I respond with "k." you obviously pissed me off, BAD decisions make GREAT stories., I screamed your name and you didnt hear me,thanks for making me look stupid, I Hate It When annoying people dont get the hint that you dont like them, I'm not hiding anything you're just not going on my phone, "Can I have a sip?" does not mean half the bottle., "WAIT!, WAIT!, WAIT!" I Didn't Mean To Send That! "Message Sent."...Aw F@ck, I just had my pen. WHERE DID IT GO., I need a blanket touching me when im sleeping no matter how hot it is, Hugging People That Smell Good !, Questions on a test that give away the answers to other questions, I hate when people volunteer to read in class... and cant read, ''No, i dont know why i hate you, theres just something about you..'', I check behind the shower curtain for murderers when i go into the bathroom, Quoting song lyrics in your status which relate to the mood your in, Laughing so hard you make no sound at all, I Accidentally Write Down What I'm Thinking While Writing Something Else, Doing things LIKE A BOSS, I'm a New Yorker so, rudeness comes naturally to me, If Nothing's wrong, why are you using one word answers?, Spazzing when you press play on your ip0d not knowing its on full volume, Pulling out your phone when your alone in public to not look like a loner, I ALWAYS have to spell my name for other people, I hate stepping in something wet when i have socks on., Faceboook Creeping, Lady GaGa should lend Justin Bieber Her Balls, Not Remembering whether it happened in a dream or in real life., When people say "You're a jerk," I automatically say, "I know.", i ran out of things to do on face book .. yet i'm still on it., "I worked all day!" "yeah well guess what mom, i had school", "Go 2 your room" "Oh the place with my iPod, Cell, Laptop, and Tv? Ok.", Getting a mini heart attack when someone texts you "I have a question...", I hate it when your super exited for something and everything goes wrong., I have at least one song on my ipod which i have to explain why i have it., Looking back, I probably shouldn't have told you that, You should be thanking me everyday I haven't punched you in the face yet, I hate that sunday night "school the next day" feeling, If I had a kid at 16 I'd get my ass whooped, not a TV show., "Don't see me, don't see me, don't see me"... "HEYYY!!!" ... "f*ck", Smiling like an idiot when you receive a cute text., If you remember "BOY MEETS WORLD" ; what the hell kind of name is "Topanga", getting a message, and thinking "how do i reply to that ", Looking down every god damn aisle in the grocery store for your parent., Dude, I'm not going if your not going..., Why do we have to be quiet during a fire drill? Will the fire hear us?, I want to re-live that night..., i finally stop laughing... look back over at you and start all over again, Texting someone to say that you are outside their house instead of knocking, Getting screwed over for being a good person to someone, Ill probably regret this tommorow, but right now... IDGAF., Guys who do cute things for their girlfriend without being told, DUDE! We almost died!!! Yea, but it was fun though!, "Are you two dating"?! "No.."? "Oh... awkard"., Anne Frank Would Be So Pissed If She Knew Everyone Read Her Diary, Its funny how sitting "boy girl boy girl" used to be a punishment..., I Only Check My Voicemail To Get Rid Of The Little Icon On The Screen, The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.., The day i met you, I wanted you. <3, Wanna NOT stop in the middle of the hallway, thanks, Wanting to go back in time to all the moments you miss the most, "oh... how did you know that?" "faceboook", YOU came to OUR country. YOU learn OUR language, WHOA, caps lock when did YOU get pressed., "who ya texxttinnng?" "shut up mom", Sarcastically saying "Thats Cute", Youre Whispering And Looking At Me. I Know Youre Talking About Me, Dumbass, chill, he was my friend before he was your boyfriend., The strong urge to kill whoever likes the person you are in love with., You told my best friend... and you thought I wasn't going to find out?, "You had all weekend to do the homework" "Oh, sorry i have a life...", If I looked like this,(make a weird face) would u still be friends with me?, "hey can i have a sip?" "sure." * GLUG GLUG GLUG.* "dude, what the hell?", When you throw your phone in anger, but then go to it to see if its ok., Taking mini naps in between texts when ur laying in bed late at night., That moment your heart stops when your chair tilts back too far, REAL HUGS, not those crappy one arm things., I used to pretend I was asleep after night car-rides to be carried inside, I LOVE catching people in lies..and than listening to them continue to lie, I liked homework better when it was called coloring, You intend to hit your friend, instead you hurt yourself., Sometimess i feel like lying randomly on the floor., Realizing in the middle of telling your story that it isn't actually funny, Nobody Dates Anymore, Everybody has a ''Thing" with someone, Yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM., Nickelodeon Needs To Create A Channel That Only Plays 90's Nick Shows, Dora your multilingual at age 4, you should be able to find the banana tree, Leaning sideways when your bowling balls going the wrong way, Rumours inform you amazing things that you did not even know about yourself, WHAT THE HECK?!?! I SHOT THAT GUY LIKE 50 TIMES AND HE DIDN'T DIE!!!?!, I used to play outside on Snow Days, now I just sit on the computer, if you tickle my feet i am not responsible for what happens to your face., I dumped M Y S P A C E for F A C E B O O K, "OH, SO LET ME TELL YOU THIS STORY..." "Dude, I was there with you." "Oh.", Your white, From upstate new york, and think your black and ghetto?, "You've changed." Yeah, it's called GROWING UP. I think you should try it., The Mini Spaz Attack When Your In Bed, Half Asleep And Imagine Your Falling, "Not now chief, I'm in the fuckkin' zone.", Mon :[ Tues :/ Wed :| Thurs :] Friday :D Sat (^.^ )Sun(-__-), Anyone who was born in the 1990's and doesnt have a kid and isnt pregnant ., to boy's who are thinking about cheating on girls - remember this picture., There's always those two obnoxious girls you just wanna slap., I hate it when people try to tell ME what I said., Seeing someone your friend hates and saying, "There's your best friend", Ooooooooh, That sounds a bit harsh, I better put "lol" on the end of it, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A LONG STORY, I WANT TO KNOW!, I can't wait for my high school reunion to see how everyone turned out, MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON, Seein someone ugly and looking at your friend saying" thats your boyfriend", I use the word 'THINGY' when i forget what thats called., Mocking someone in a voice that sounds nothing like them, I hate when you get a boner in class and then ur desk flips over, Whenever i can't find something it just magically appears when my mom looks, Okay winter, your turn is over. let summer play too., I really wish i hadn't heard that, i would be so much happier not knowing, when a teacher calls on you thinking you weren't listening &you own them, i love wearing hoodies and shorts in the summer nights(:, loosing someone you have so many memories with is THE hardest thing ever., I Can Text Without Looking Down At My Phone, About to go to bed. Person you like starts talking to you. Not going to bed, I like people who actually make an effort to keep a conversation alive., I hate when im yelling at someone and i mess up what im saying, i wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me., meeting new people who you instantly get along with :), "They're dating now?" "Yeah, it's Faceboook official", I have lost (phone number hidden) bobby pins in my lifetime, I know your swag is on but could you pull up your pants and walk faster, I am going to start my homework right now...oh look i have a notification!, Have you ever just looked at someone, and automatically felt annoyed?, dear bed, im sorry i left you this morning, take me back? ):, when i straighten my hair i burn my fingers on my hair not the straightners, I dont care what you heard, Im telling you what really happened. So shut up, walking with your friend & randomly pushing them into someone/something ., "Just go ask!"... "ok can you come with me???", I don't care if you're joking, i'm in a bad mood, you're pissing me off., Remember when you said you would never do that?.. well you did.., Laying in bed wishing the person you like was next to you, OHH! I DO THAT! I'M GONNA BECOME A FA....nvm. Its a group. Too much effort., trying to dodge someone, and you both step the same way.. twice., me? Dirty minded?! Nahh. I like to call it imaginative (:, Seaweed touched my foot, might as well be a great white shark, You have my # just like I have yours, so don't complain about us not talkin, Googling everything for an answer, I wonder what goes through your head when you see me, missing old memories that you know you can never get back, I hate when my parents rush me to get ready and then when I am, they're not, Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don't know, I don't know what to talk about, but i wanna talk to you., "WOW! havnt you grown? i remember when your were this big!"... WHO ARE YOU?, I send "ha" or "haha" before 99% of my texts!, I'm pretty sure you're not a car. Get an actual photo for your profile, SHUT UP You Made Me Forget What I Was Going To Say !, Sarcastically saying "I love how" before something you don't really love., Cash, Tattoo & Piercing, Being Alive, Texting, LAKE GEORGE, Kisses, Adirondack Paranormal Hunters, On a scale from Anne Frank to Osama Bin Laden how good was my hiding spot?, "That's what she said..," well whoever SHE is, she sounds like a whore.., I hate thinking it's the last class and then finding out it's not, I Delete Contacts In My Phone Like Im Deleting That Person From Existence, i used blow air back into my Capri-Sun to make it look like it was full =), Days when you straight up hate everyone, Why can I do it PERFECTLY, until I go to show someone?, That Moment of joy when you see your food coming in a restaurant, I hate when the marshmallows in my Hot Chocolate melt!, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend not brushing your teeth w/ a bottle of jack., saying "never mind" when you don't feel like repeating yourself, I Want To STOP "Becoming a Fan" But They Are All So True.. I Can't Help It!, "Did I Ask You?" "No" "Then Shut Up.", I redo high fives if they weren't good enough the first time, I hate all those girls who think being stupid is cute., That awkward distance when you dont kno if u should hold the door or not..., im just gonna rest my eyes while they text back....*next morning* dammit!!, If you remember the L'Orealkids FISH SHAPED SHAMPOO BOTTLE!, That wasn't funny, it actually REALLY PISSED ME OFF., I feel a text is too serious without an "lol" or "haha" in there somewhere., Mom You Just Yelled At Me For 30 Minutes, Don't Act Like it Never Happened., When I have a highlighter, I feel the urge to use it as much as possible., Saying something, then realizing it sounded extremely sexual, Being pissed at some one who thoroughly deserves it, and they don't get it., Girls think giving birth is painful. Try playing COD on a laggy connection., when i see someone walking by me at night, i assume theyre going to kill me, I wonder if you think of me as much as i do you., I love your accent, it's awesome! Say more words!!!, "Who are you on the phone with?" "My drug dealer, mom.", When I was a kid I........no wait, I still do that, I lost my phone... I LOST my phone... I LOST MY PHONE!!! ... found it. :), Shes my best friend of course im going to tell her everything you just said, I Hate When I Get Crumbs In My Bra., I like long text messages because I appreciate a complete thought, When you don't mean to send a text message and spazz out trying to stop it., Yes my status is about you, I was just hoping you got the hint., "No shoes, no shirt, no service." Feel free to walk in with no pants on., randomly using spanish words in normal conversation., I write in a weird combination of cursive and print, Alright, it's been 20 minutes, you should probably text me back now., Saying oh! like you get it. But you still have no idea, I hate thinking I've found a parking spot & it turns out to be a small car., You're like 12, I don't want to hear about how drunk you got last night, When I Die I Give My Friends Permission To Change My Status To “Is Dead”, Open a pack of gum, and suddenly everyone is your bestfriend., i was just kidding & you actually got mad.. this situation just got awkward, I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!, Yelling At People In Other Cars As If They Can Hear You, If you tailgate me, I will intentionally slow down to piss you off., saying the same thing at the same exact time as your friend randomly, Dude, calm down its gym class..., I hate when you burn your tongue and it feels weird for days, I always manage to find the dirty side to what people say!, Texting the person next to you stuff you cant say out loud, 64 text messages later.. i regret giving you my number, I Hate It When Parents Get Serious About Something Funny You Tell Them, I hate the guy who takes P.E. too seriously, Doing so much for someone...yet they never appreciate it., Not eating McDonald's, Face book Stalking... Admit it, you do it., Oreo, The word "Shenanigans", "Making the whipping noise at those that are whipped" by (website hidden), Taking One Last Sip Of My Drink Right Before Leaving A Restaurant, Hot Showers, I Love Cookie Dough, British People, Arizona Ice Tea, Bing, Ford Models, Arizona Iced Tea, Gaia Online, Dunkin' Donuts, American Eagle Outfitters, Hearing,"Just a small town girl." and shouting, "Livin' in a Lonely World!", Tackling people with hugs after you havn't seen them in a long time., Excuse me, Mr. Snow Plow. You're interfering with my chances of a snow day., i know my family so well i can tell which of them is coming up the stairs, WHEN I READ CAPITALS, THERE IS A SHOUTING VOICE IN MY HEAD., Those Late Night Talks At Sleepovers About ANYTHING, Eating Cereal No Matter What Time It Is, Those hugs when both of you don't wanna let go, Direct eye contact can eather be really cute, akward, or creepy.., Dont judge me on what people have told you, get to know me first., i'm sorry, this is america, we speak english, Laughing so hard that ur laugh goes silent, Oh My God,GET OVER IT!!!! That was HOW long ago? Seriously?, Yelling out car windows at random people on the street, Writing grammatically correct text messages., When I turn my lights off I take a five foot jump into my bed, i hate it when i forget something i really wanted to say, Walking around the house in underwear, The Older I Get, the Less I Care, Now Patrick put your hand on the lid. THE LID, THE LID, LID,LID,LID, THE LID!, Police call it "reckless driving", we call it "skills", The Chris Moyles Show, Velociraptors for Gay Marriage, Empire Promotions, I Like Girls Who Know What COD Stands For, I Will Not Be Smoking Pot On April 20th - 4/20