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Smart Pricing

When you turn on Smart Pricing, your nightly prices automatically change based on demand. This is a helpful tool if you want to optimise pricing without constantly monitoring it. You’re still the boss, though – so you can set minimum and maximum price limits and customise specific nightly prices in your calendar at any time.

Any dates in your calendar that are marked with a broken arrow have Smart Pricing turned off for those nights.

How it’s determined

Smart Pricing uses hundreds of factors about your listing and your area to adjust your nightly price. Learn more about the top 3 things that can influence demand.

How to turn Smart Pricing on or off:

  1. Go to Calendar and select a listing
  2. Select Tools at the top of Calendar
  3. Navigate to the Base price section under Pricing
  4. Switch the Smart Pricing toggle
  5. Once toggle is on, enter a minimum and maximum price
  6. Click Save

To turn off Smart Pricing, follow the steps above and use the toggle to disable Smart Pricing. Your pricing changes will not affect pending or confirmed reservations.

How to override Smart Pricing in calendar

You can override Smart Pricing for a night or multiple nights in your calendar without disabling Smart Pricing.

  1. Go to Calendar and select a listing
  2. Select a date or multiple dates
  3. Enter your custom price in the price field
  4. Click Save

Your custom price is now the price for that date or multiple dates.

Smart Pricing minimum price

If you have opted to add a discount to any nights, the price guests pay may go below the minimum Smart Price you have set for those nights.

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