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    Longer than usual waiting times due to COVID-19
    If your reservation is more than 72 hours away, please contact us closer to the check-in time. If you’d like to change or cancel a reservation, you can do that from your trips page or hosting dashboard.

    Can I change my reservation during the trip?

    If your trip has started and you want to change the length of your reservation, you can submit a change request to your host for their approval.

    To submit a change request:

    1. In the Airbnb app, tap Trips and choose a trip
    2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Change Reservation
    3. Change the dates of your stay and tap Change

    If your host accepts the alteration request, your reservation will be updated and you’ll be charged or refunded as necessary. If your host has changed the listing price, your new total will reflect this change.

    Note: You can’t cancel a reservation once your check-in time has passed.