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    Can I change my reservation during the trip?

    If your trip has started and you want to change the length of your reservation, you can submit a change request to your host for their approval.

    To submit a change request:

    1. Go to Trips and find the trip you want to change under the Upcoming tab
    2. Click or tap Show more trip plans
    3. From the overview, click or tap Show details
    4. Scroll to the bottom and select Change reservation
    5. Click or tap Next in the Change reservation box
    6. Change the dates of your stay and click or tap Continue
    7. Check the new details and click or tap Send request

    If your host accepts the change request, your reservation will be updated and you’ll be charged or refunded as necessary. If your host has changed the listing price, your new total will reflect this change.


    • You can’t change the number of guests after check-in
    • Any additional payments can be made through the Resolution Centre
    • The cancellation policy will remain the same as the policy originally booked for short-term reservations
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