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Night limits in Amsterdam and London: Frequently asked questions

What is the current limit in Amsterdam?

On January 1, 2019, the city of Amsterdam passed a regulation that entire homes can only be rented for a maximum of 30 nights a year. Check out the City of Amsterdam's website for more information about how this regulation may affect you.

What is the current limit in London?

Check our article about responsible hosting in the United Kingdom for more info about night limits in London.

What are the night limits that Airbnb is enforcing?

Short-term rentals listed as Entire place are capped at 90 nights per year in London and 60 nights per year in Amsterdam. These limits reset every year on January 1.

Which nights are counted?

Any nights booked in an Entire place listing between January 1 and December 31 are counted towards your annual limit. We allocate each night of bookings that span multiple calendar years accordingly (for example, a booking from December 25 to January 5).

What are the rules for long-term reservations?

In London, reservations of 90 days or more are not considered short-term stays per the 2015 Deregulation Act, and will not count towards your short-term limit. In Amsterdam there is no such exclusion.

Where can I see my progress towards the limit?

Each affected listing has a to-do in the Listing details tab to help you track your activity. If your listing is in London, you can also check the Regulations tab.

What happens when I reach the limit?

Your calendar will not allow you to accept any new short-term reservations for that calendar year. Your calendar will allow you to accept short-term reservations again on January 1 of the following year onwards, because that’s when the night limit resets each year (unless it’s been blocked for other reasons unrelated to your city’s cap).

What can I do to keep hosting if I’m approaching the limit?

You have a few options if you’re approaching the night limit in your city:

Can I accept bookings that put me slightly over the limit?

No. If you have 2 nights left before you reach the night limit, you can only accept a booking of 1-2 nights. You can’t accept a booking for more than 2 nights if it will bring your final nights count over the limit.

Will this affect my minimum or maximum stay settings?

You still have control over your minimum and maximum stay settings. In some cases, you may want to change them to continue showing up in search.

  • Minimum stay setting: To appear in search results, your minimum stay requirement needs to match or be lower than the number of nights you have left according to your city’s limit. For instance, if you have 4 nights left before you reach the limit, your minimum stay requirement should be 4 nights or less. You can track the number of nights you have left from your to-dos in the Listing details tab.
  • Maximum stay setting: This won’t have an impact on your search results until you’ve reached your short-term limit. At that point, if you live in London and you’d like to continue hosting long-term reservations, you will need to remove your maximum stay requirement in order to accept bookings of 90 nights or more.

What if I have a licence or a permit to host beyond the night limit?

In Amsterdam, if you have permission to host beyond the annual limit, you may request an exemption through this exemption form Amsterdam (en) | Amsterdam (nl). In London, if you have permission to host beyond the annual limit, you can request an exemption through the Regulations tab where you manage your listing on Airbnb.

After you've submitted the fully completed exemption form in relation to your listing and you have gone through the process successfully, you will no longer see the nights counter and your calendar won’t be automatically blocked for the exempted listing.

Hosts in Amsterdam who submit the exemption form in order to request to be exempted from or remove the night limit will, as part of that process, agree for certain data about them to be shared with their local authority, other government bodies, regulatory or law enforcement authorities and/or courts.

What if I no longer have planning department permission to host over the annual limit?

If you no longer have permission to host over the annual limit, please contact us and we can remove your exemption.

Last updated: October 25, 2019

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