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Bedroom and bathroom locks for your Room listing

Guests expect that they will have the option to lock their bedroom or any bathroom they can access. We strongly recommend that you add a lock to any bedrooms and bathrooms that guests may use.

Updating lock info for your Room listing

If your space already has bedroom and bathroom locks, make sure to update your listing description. You can update bedroom lock information for a Room listing by opening your listing settings, then navigating to Listing Details, clicking the Rooms and Spaces section, and selecting the bedroom where you’d like to add lock info.

Types of locks recommended

Bedroom locks

Guests should be able to lock the bedroom door from the inside (for their privacy) and from the outside (for the security of their belongings). A lock with a key, paired with an interior latch, is recommended.

Bathroom locks

For bathrooms that guests can access, guests should be able to lock or latch the bathroom door for privacy.

Considerations for keys and keypads

Whatever kind of lock or latch you choose, consider following these best practices:

  • If there are multiple Rooms in one listing using keypads, each code should be unique. Similarly, if there are multiple Rooms with exterior locks that open with a key, the lock and keys should be unique.
  • If using a digital keypad(s), the code should not be posted within the listing where others may find it. Similarly, if there are duplicate keys to a Room, they should be kept in a secure location and keys should not be left in a shared space or where unauthorized people may find them.

Before you add locks, make sure to check local regulations and any other restrictions that may apply to adding locks in your space, like requirements on the kinds of locks you can add or approvals you may need.

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