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    Building and improving Airbnb – together with Hosts

    We’re continuously evolving with your feedback and partnership.
    By Catherine Powell on 12 Jan 2022
    5 min video
    Updated 12 Jan 2022


    • We’re grateful for our continued partnership with Hosts like you

    • There are more ways than ever for you to collaborate with us to build the Airbnb you want and need

    • Find out what Hosts asked for in 2021 – and what we built in response

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Catherine, Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting. As we move into 2022, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all we achieved together last year, and personally thank each of you for providing outstanding hospitality to guests around the world.

    Despite navigating the challenges of the pandemic, you’ve ushered in a new era of travel in which guests increasingly turn to private homes and spaces on Airbnb to safely connect with family and friends, relax, and work remotely.

    Throughout the pandemic, you’ve shown resilience, adaptability, and perseverance, and we made it to where we are today thanks to you. Your dedication is so inspiring, and it keeps my team and me focused on continuously improving and expanding our hosting products and programmes.

    Offering more ways to listen

    Our success relies on strong partnerships with Hosts. We’ve expanded our community initiatives to include more ways to connect with and listen to you so we can continue to build the Airbnb you want and need.

    Here’s what you inspired last year:

    To those of you who participated in these activities, thank you. We can only continue improving with your collaboration, so please keep connecting with us.

    Evolving our products and services

    As we gathered feedback from Hosts last year, three clear themes emerged. You told us you wanted more controls and protection, better support when you needed it, and tools to make hosting easier.

    To address these needs, we introduced more than 150 new features and upgrades to our products and services. Here are just a few examples of the work we did, inspired by your input:

    More controls and protection

    • AirCover: Top-to-bottom protection, free for every Host – only on Airbnb*
    • Streamlined resolutions: A new process enables simpler, faster damage reimbursement for Hosts, with priority routing for Superhosts
    • Improvements to our review system: In our continued effort to improve the review process, we limited the instances where guests who cancel are able to leave a review
    • Cleaning fees for shorter stays: For additional flexibility with your pricing, you can now adjust your cleaning fee for short stays of only 1 or 2 nights
    • Adding pet fees: If you want to welcome pets, you can choose to add a pet fee to your nightly price

    Better support

    • More agents, in more languages: We doubled our global support staff and expanded from 11 to 42 languages
    • Dedicated support: Superhosts and Community Leaders have exclusive access to highly skilled customer service staff
    • A redesigned Help Centre: An easier way to navigate the Help Centre, with comprehensive support for Hosts and guests
    • A community policy hub: Clearer, simpler policies now reside in one central location within the Help Centre

    Tools to make hosting easier

    • Today Tab: A simple way for Hosts to manage bookings, tasks, and more, all in one place
    • Upgraded inbox: It’s easier than ever to manage communications with your guests with search, personalised quick replies, and scheduled messages
    • Hosting insights: Our Opportunity Hub provides info on travel trends near you to help you make the most of your hosting business
    • Translation Engine: Now guests around the world can automatically access high-quality translations of your listing in 62 languages
    • Price preview for Hosts: This tool enables you to easily change your fees and check the price of your listing as it appears for guests
    • Calendar refresh: Your desktop calendar is redesigned and easier to use, with helpful new features

    By partnering more closely with Hosts last year, we not only improved Airbnb’s services, but we also saw our entire community grow and thrive, despite having to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. And it was Hosts who led this growth.

    Globally, you built profitable hosting businesses and lifted your communities in the process by generating income for local shops and restaurants as well as for those who help you manage your listings. You should be very proud of these achievements – I know I’m tremendously proud to be your partner.

    This year, we’re excited to keep evolving and improving Airbnb with you. Your partnership will help us continue to create the best possible version of our service. So please keep sharing your thoughts and ideas with us – we’re listening. As always, you can tag me directly on the Community Centre: @Catherine-Powell.

    Best wishes for a happy and successful year of hosting in 2022!


    *AirCover’s Host damage protection, Host liability insurance, and Experiences liability insurance don’t cover Hosts who offer stays through Airbnb Travel, LLC or Hosts in mainland China and Japan, where the China Host Protection Plan, Japan Host Insurance, and Japan Experience Protection Insurance apply. Host damage protection isn’t related to Host liability insurance. Keep in mind that there are other terms, conditions, and exclusions.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


    • We’re grateful for our continued partnership with Hosts like you

    • There are more ways than ever for you to collaborate with us to build the Airbnb you want and need

    • Find out what Hosts asked for in 2021 – and what we built in response

    Catherine Powell
    12 Jan 2022
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