Helping Rooms guests travel like locals

Share your favourite spots and focus on making guests feel at home.
By Airbnb on 10 Aug 2023
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Updated 10 Aug 2023

Airbnb began as an affordable way for travellers to stay in someone else’s home. The idea took off as Hosts and guests around the globe connected in authentic ways.

Rooms celebrate this tradition. More Hosts than ever are helping guests travel like locals. They do this in many ways, whether it’s offering tips on where to go or embracing the magic of the unexpected.

Here’s how three Hosts created memorable connections.

Sharing your favourite local spots

You can help guests get to know your area by creating a guidebook for your listing. This is an easy way to share recommendations with guests. Hosts with guidebooks tend to get more bookings.

Many Hosts also offer recommendations in person. Reed, who hosts a Room in Philadelphia with his wife, invites guests to join them for Sunday dinner. He makes a stew and asks them what they’d like to do. Then he shares “cool spots that aren’t traditional”, like the neighbourhood café with walls of books.

Sometimes, Reed invites guests out dancing, one of his favourite pastimes. “We’ve gone with a few guests to a Latin spot to turn it up a bit,” he says. Some guests, he adds, “are like our kids now”.

Making guests feel at home

Guests may book your Room because your Host Passport creates a sense of familiarity, which can help guests feel comfortable staying with you.

Nicola, who hosts a Room in Fitzroy, Australia, shares that she appreciates new cultures and cuisines. She’s found that some guests like to “hang out and feel like they’ve got a home here”.

She and her brother, a renowned chef in Melbourne, sometimes offer to cook meals with guests. “We’ve got a commercial kitchen, so they can roll out the pasta or the panini breads,” she says.

One group felt so at ease that they did yoga in Nicola’s living room. “It was great that they really enjoyed the space,” she says. Noting their interest in exercise, Nicola took them to a park nearby, where they spent an afternoon climbing trees and talking about other places to explore.

Embracing the unexpected

Think about how you’d like to interact with guests and let them know what you prefer. If you’re up for socialising, your openness may lead to meaningful connections.

Garth, who hosts a Room in Auckland, New Zealand, says having guests in his home allows him to spend more time with people from other cultures without travelling. He thought, “Let’s bring the people to me.”

One of Garth’s most memorable moments as a Host happened with guests visiting from France. The mother asked if her son could watch him tinker in his garage workshop. “He thought everything I was doing was cool,” Garth says.

So Garth came up with a project they could do together. “We made a little boat and we painted it,” he says. “It was really lovely, because he didn’t speak English, but we had this shared language.”

You can get more hosting stories and tips by joining your local Host Club. These clubs are run by and for Hosts, and offer in-person and virtual meetups, ongoing support and Airbnb news and product updates.

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10 Aug 2023
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