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If your reservation couldn’t be completed

If you get a message that your reservation couldn’t be completed when you’re booking a place to stay, there are a few things you should check. Keep reading for some of the most common reasons guests can’t book a reservation.

Identity verification

Usually we take care of verifying your identity as part of the booking process, but if there was a problem, we may have reached out to you to get more information. Read our article on verifying your identity for tips.

Party prevention

Sometimes details of a reservation get flagged by our automated screening process to prevent parties. Review the information about our reservation screening to find out more.

Payment issues

There are lots of reasons a payment method might prevent you from completing a reservation, including expired credit cards or insufficient funds. Check out our troubleshooting tips for payment methods if you’re not sure what’s wrong.

Listing availability

Double check that the dates you’re looking for are available if you can’t book. You may also want to message the Host by clicking or tapping Contact Host on the listing. They may have some requirements, like minimum nights to book, that your request doesn’t meet.

Still can’t book your reservation? Contact us for more help.

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