How to set up your Rooms listing

Consider comfort and privacy when sharing your home.
By Airbnb on 10 Aug 2023
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Updated 10 Aug 2023

Your Rooms listing is where you show guests what it’s like to stay in your home. You can go into detail about which spaces are private, which are shared and how you prefer to interact with guests.

What to include in your listing

These listing and booking settings allow you to add or update info that helps guests determine whether they’ll feel comfortable and secure sharing your space:

  • Listing description. Use this section to describe what’s unique about your home. Select every amenity you offer, and specify details like which spaces guests can access, whether pets live on the property and what your neighbourhood is like.

  • Photos and captions. Clearly show all areas that guests can access, including entrances and parking spaces. Highlight anything that helps guests decide whether your room meets their travel needs.

  • Rooms and spaces. Let guests know whether the bathroom is private or shared, if there’s a lock on the bedroom door and who else will be on the property during their stay.

  • House rules. Be clear about what’s important to you – like whether you have quiet hours or allow guests to bring pets – to help minimise misunderstandings. Guests are expected to follow your rules and can be removed from Airbnb if they cause issues.

There are other practical ways you can help all guests feel welcome. Daniel, a Host Advisory Board member in Spain, writes in his profile, “The doors of my home are open to everyone.”

What to include in your Room

Create a cosy, uncluttered space with room for your guest’s personal belongings. Think about all the things you need when you travel, then try to include them.

Rooms Hosts say that adding special touches can help everyone feel at ease and lead to great reviews. These include:

  • Food storage. Dedicate space in your fridge and cupboards and mark it for guests, or set up a small fridge and pantry nook in or near your guest’s bedroom.

  • Hospitality tray. Providing water, coffee and tea with cups and an electric kettle in the Room is recommended and accommodates guests who prefer to keep to themselves.

  • Soundproofing. Earplugs, slippers or a fan or white noise machine can cut down on unwanted noise.

  • Locks. Guests expect to be able to lock their bedroom door. If your Room doesn’t have a lock, consider adding one.

“A bedroom lock makes it easier for everyone to get a good night’s sleep and to enjoy the experience to the fullest,” says Dandara, a Host Advisory Board member who hosts a Room in Maceió, Brazil.

Ask guests to leave a review, and use their feedback to make changes. Update your listing whenever you do.

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10 Aug 2023
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