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ID and verification

  • How-to

    Verifying your identity on Airbnb

    At Airbnb, trust is the cornerstone of our community – where millions of people across the world place trust in each other as they travel or host stays.
  • How-to

    Booking requirements

    After the basics (name, email, and phone number), we need a little more info in order for you to book your stay.
  • How-to

    Verify your phone number

    Once you’ve added your phone number to your account, then guests, Hosts, and Airbnb can contact you about your reservation.
  • How-to

    Why we require a profile

    Airbnb profiles are a great introduction to guests and Hosts. It’s a way for people to know you’re authentic and committed to the spirit of Airbnb.
  • How-to

    Background checks

    For the safety of our hosts and guests, we conduct background checks. Find out more about how and when we do this.
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    Ways your ID info may be used

    Sometimes, where permitted by applicable law, we may use identification info from a government ID to run background checks against public records for criminal convictions.
  • How-to

    Photo matching

    When you are asked to share your photo ID, a multi-step process helps ensures your data is secure.
  • How-to

    Submit an ID for verification

    Often, your legal name and address and/or other personal information are enough for us to verify your identity. We may also ask you to provide a copy of your government ID that includes a photo of you.
  • Legal terms
  • How-to

    Implications of background checks

    Learn about how the background checks we perform can impact your account.
  • Rules

    Safety tips for interacting with others

    Learn how to help improve your safety when interacting with other Hosts and guests.
  • Rules

    ID verification in China

    To reduce fraud, Airbnb provides a localised ID verification process, specially designed for Chinese Hosts and guests.
  • How-to • Guest

    Can't add phone number to your account

    Having trouble verifying your phone number? Here are some tips you can try.