Watch: Airbnb Rooms bring Hosts and guests together

A new global campaign shines a light on what these Hosts make possible.
By Airbnb on 2 Jun 2023
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Updated 2 Jun 2023

When best friends Amy and Katie stayed with Tessa, an artist and Airbnb Rooms Host in Edinburgh, they discovered “a sort of dreamish element running through” her home that inspired them as they explored the city, Katie says. “The world that she’s created makes you feel like you’re in a little storybook.”

We’re highlighting authentic stories like these in a new ad campaign that shows how
Airbnb Rooms help guests experience a place like a local. The global campaign is expected to reach 200 million people, so now’s the time to make sure you’ve completed your Host Passport.

The ads below feature guests connecting with Rooms Hosts in Edinburgh (Scotland), Kyoto (Japan) and Florence (Italy), where the art is local, the sushi is homemade and the coffee is freshly brewed.

Tessa’s story

When Tessa opens her door to guests, she’s also inviting them into her Edinburgh art studio. Finding all the details hidden throughout her home inspired guests Amy and Katie to search for bits of whimsy all over the city.

Takashi’s story

Takashi’s favourite part of hosting is sharing the Kyoto way of life he loves so much. When guests Taemin and Eunju asked him to recommend a sushi restaurant, he gave them an authentic taste of his hometown by throwing an impromptu sushi-making party.

Stefania’s story

Staying in Florence with a native Florentine has its perks. When Stefania hosted guests Isabel and Antonia in her Airbnb Room, she offered insider tips, the secrets of pasta making and lots of espresso.

We’d love to read your own story of hosting guests in an Airbnb Room.

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2 Jun 2023
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